To see bread in Dream

To see bread
When a person sees bread in the dream, it means that he is going to enjoy many financial benefits in the trade. His business will expand and grow in other areas and cities according to the interpretation of a dream when the person sees bread.

Roti Dekhna

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To see fasting
A dream where the person sees himself fasting reveals good impact on his character and future. The interpretation of such a dream discloses that the person will be a pious fellow and he will get wealth and leadership according to the dreams.

Roza Rakhna

To see a straight path
When a person sees that he is walking a straight path, it means that the person is leading a blessed life and moving on according to Islamic teachings. If he has seen that he is moving on a curvy path or sees an uneven road, it means that his actions and way of his life is deviant from the moral code defined by Islam.

Rasta Seedha Dekhna

To see oneself weeping in the dream
A dream when the person finds himself or herself weeping, has beneficial interpretation. It discloses happiness and prosperity for the person. Some interpretations are opposite to the situations in the dream and so this one when you see yourself upset, you will be happy in the real life.

Rona Khawab Main Ya Apne Tayiees Dekhna

To see the moonlight spread all over the land A situation in the dream when a person sees that the moonlight is spreaded all over the land area, reflects that the residents of that area will get many benefits from the ruler of that time and there will be prosperity and happiness.

Roshni Chand Ki Zameen Par Phile Dekhna

To see many breads
A dream when the person sees lot of breads reveals very good explanation for the person. Such a dream is interpreted as the person will make good friends who will be sincere, loyal and faithful to the person dreaming such a situation.

Rotiya Bekasarat Dekhna


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