To see a cheek bone

To see a cheek bone Some dreams are the reflection of events that are going to happen in the life of the person and a dream when the person sees a cheekbone means that there will be an increase in his value. It is also interpreted as the person will start loving a good human being.

Rokhsar Dekhna

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To see wasting the money
When a person dreams that he is wasting the money, it is interpreted as the person will suffer from grieves that are caused by an idiot and fool. Such dream is also a reflection of spending money unnecessarily and on activities that are not beneficial for the person.

Ropeya Zaya Karna

To see thunder and lightning with rain
Seeing the lightning and thunder in the dream with rain, means that the person will recover from the illness. Such a dream is also interpreted, as the person will feel free that he has pay off hid debt. It also reflects happiness for the person.

Rad Ki Karak Hamra Barish Dekhna

To see oneself walking on sand
Such a dream when the person sees himself walking on sand or he sees dust rising due to his footsteps, has been interpreted as that person will have comforts and pleasures after facing troubles and difficulties. More to explain, it means that he will work hard to earn money and spent it with leisure and luxury.

Rage Par Chalna Ya Khake Urana Dekhna

To see night in dream
A dream in which a person sees the time of night is interpreted as a sign of an oncoming shock or something similar to the person. Such a dream also means that a secret about his personality or life will be revealed to others that he has kept hidden since a long time.

Raat Ka Dekhna

To see black color or oil When you have seen black color or oil in your dream, it is a sign of protection and reveals that you will return home safely if you are on a journey. You will achieve the desired goals for which you have travelled, according to the interpretation of such a dream.

Roghan Seya Dekhna


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