To see the moonlight spread all over the land in Dream

To see the moonlight spread all over the land A situation in the dream when a person sees that the moonlight is spreaded all over the land area, reflects that the residents of that area will get many benefits from the ruler of that time and there will be prosperity and happiness.

Roshni Chand Ki Zameen Par Phile Dekhna

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To see thundering along with air
Dreaming is usual and almost every individual sees different kinds of dreams when they are sleeping. The dreams indicate some specific conditions according to their interpretations like when you see thundering along with air, it means that the ruler of your country will be a cruel person.

Rad Ma Hawa Key Dekhna

To see juices
Seeing juices in the dream, means that the person will lead a happier and prosperous life. There will be no worries in his life according to interpretations of a dream when a person sees juices in the dream.

Ras Ka Dekhna

To see dust
Dreaming of rising dust is interpreted as a sign to a person of leading a happy life. He will get abundance of stock and wealth. The person will face no financial problems and troubles in some of his coming time according to interpretation of such a dream.

Rege Dekhna

To see a yellow color
A person seeing different colors in the dream will face the results according to the interpretation of each color. A yellow color in a dream means that the person will have many mourns and sorrows in his life and he will have fewer happy moments in his life according to the interpretations.

Roghan Zard Dekhna

To see oneself weeping in the dream
A dream when the person finds himself or herself weeping, has beneficial interpretation. It discloses happiness and prosperity for the person. Some interpretations are opposite to the situations in the dream and so this one when you see yourself upset, you will be happy in the real life.

Rona Khawab Main Ya Apne Tayiees Dekhna


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