To take money in hand in Dream

To take money in hand
When you have a dream in which you are taking or holding currency in your hands, it reflects that you will get your livelihood after much struggle and efforts. Such a dream is evidence of financial scarcity and limited resources for getting the income.

Ropeya Hath Main Lena

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To see thigh
A dream when you see thighs in the dream are the reflection of power and of your family. The interpreters point out towards relatives of father for the right thigh and towards the relatives of mother for the left thigh. If the person sees that his thigh is broken or there is severe pain in them, he will apart from his close ones and he will suffer from a disease. If the person sees that he is eating the meat of his thigh, he will take over the wealth of his close ones with without their permission.

Khwab Mein Raan Dekhna

To see the showering of ashes
If a person feels that he has seen the showering of ashes in the dream, it is interpreted as the place, where such showering has fallen, will be blessed with abundance of livelihood and residents of that place will be very happy.

Rage O Khake Asman Sey Barstey Dekhna

To see a straight path
When a person sees that he is walking a straight path, it means that the person is leading a blessed life and moving on according to Islamic teachings. If he has seen that he is moving on a curvy path or sees an uneven road, it means that his actions and way of his life is deviant from the moral code defined by Islam.

Rasta Seedha Dekhna

To see natural oil on the head
Having a dream in which you find that you have some natural oil on your head, is interpreted according to the amount of oil that is on the head. If the amount of oil is in a balance and it is not in excess of what should be on your head, it is a sign that all your actions and endeavors will bring about success and glory to you. If the amount of oil is less than what should be there, it is a negative sign and is considered as a sign of coming anxiety, sorrows and mourning to the person.

Roghan Sir Par Malna Dekhna

To see a plate
A dream when the person sees a plate reflects good impacts on his life. Such a dream is interpreted as the person will find lawful livelihood in his life. This dream also ensures the safety of the slave according to its explanation.

Rokabi Dekhna


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