To see a white beard in Dream

To see a white beard
Seeing beard with different situations in the dream, reveal different interpretations for the person. A white beard in the dream is evidence of respect and self esteem for the person and he will lead a life with proud and value.

Darrhi Sufad Dakhna

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To see wave of the river
Another situation in a dream where you see a huge wave of the river has hostile interpretation. Such a dream means that the person will have to face a lot of troubles in his life for earning his livelihood and to sustain in the modern world.

Darya Ki Moje Ko Dikhna

To see oneself caught into swamp of a river or a watercourse
Dreaming a situation where the person find himself caught into the swamp of the river or a watercourse means that he will face difficulties and problems in his life. The person will find hurdles in every matter of his life.

Darya Ya Naher Ki Daldal Mian Phansnana

To see medicine or take medicine
When someone sees medicine or takes medicine in a dream, it is interpreted, as the person will face big problems in his life. The dream also means that the person will lead a life with many sorrows and grieves.

Dawa Khana Ya Dikhna

To see a drum
When someone sees a drum in the dream, it has different interpretations. If the drum is full of anything, it is a sign of anxiety. If the drum is empty, it is a sign of prosperity and happiness for the person.

Dhol Daikhna

To see a hijab of a woman
When a woman sees in a dream that she is wearing a hijab, it means that she is going to marry a noble man who will keep her happy all the life. The woman will lead a life with respect and honor.

Dopata Zanana Dakihna


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