Khwab Mein Bagh Dekhna Ki Tabeer

خواب میں باغ کا دیکھنا

To See Orchard or Garden in Dream

Seeing the garden in dream or “Khawab Mein Baagh Ka dekhna ki tabeer” has two interpretations in Islam. As flowers and fruits grow in the garden, the garden symbolizes the female as it has the beauty of the female. Those beautiful children are born to a beautiful woman. This dream is also closely related to the...

Bagh Ko Dikhna

process of having children. Another interpretation is that the garden represents the Holy Quran. The climate of the garden is the subject of this painting and the verses of the Holy Quran are represented by the plants and flowers of the garden. As an alternative interpretation, the following is provided. It is said that fruits and flower petals are jewels as well as life's length for one's spouse, the land area that covers the trees is comfortability, and so on. As well as a garden, it may refer to a market, bazar, shop, business, or someone's home. Beautiful gardens are more conducive to productive businesses and a healthy family. You should pray to Allah Almighty for good dreams because he is the one who can fulfill your dreams or provide whatever you need.When someone sees a garden in the dream, it reflects different explanations according to the situations. If the garden is dried, it reflects guilty for the person. If the garden is green, it means that the person will have a lot of wealth and will find a higher status in the society

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