To see a black beard in Dream

To see a black beard
Dreaming something like when the person sees his black beard, is evidence of wealth and his higher status in the eyes of his community and in the society. There will be no scarcity in his house for the lifetime according to the interpretations of such a dream.

Darrhi Seya Dikhna

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To see oneself across the river
Many people may see water reservoirs, streams, rivers in the dream. All of them are interpreted according to the different situations. And accordingly, when a person finds himself across the river in the dream, the interpretation reveals the death of the person.

Darya Kay Par Hona

To see crossing the river
When someone dreams that he or she is crossing the river, he will be stop gaining knowledge according to its interpretation. It also means that the person will be a happy fellow, all his mourns, and sorrows will go away.

Darya Sa Par Hota Dikhna

Dastar Khawan Khane Se Bahra Dikhna

Dohobi Ko Dikhna

To see beard being pulled
A situation in the dream when the person sees his beard being pulled, is a reflection of his fight with the wife. And an unlike situation when the person sees a full beard in the dream means that he will be a prosperous and happy person in his life.

Darrhi Nochi Dikhna


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