To eat yoghurt in Dream

To eat yoghurt
Sometimes people may find themselves eating various things in dreams, and a situation in which you find yourself eating yoghurt in the dream means that you are going to face grieves and mourns in the near future according to the explanation given by the professional dream interpreters.

Dahi Khana

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To see teeth wastage
Dreams are the indicators of the person's current conditions. Each dream has different interpretation that sometimes beneficial for the person and sometimes brings harms to him. Similarly, a person who sees in a dream that his teeth are wasting, it is an indicator of his short life according to the interpretation.

Dant Ka Gazna Dikhna

To see gold and silver teeth
Dreams are the indicators of person's state in his real life. Some dreams reflect good results for the person while others bring unsuitable affects like when you see gold and silver teeth in your dream, it means that you are going to be sick for a long time.

Dant Sona Chandi Ka Dikhna

To see leaves of a tree
When someone sees leaves of a tree in the dream, it means that he is going to have a lot of wealth. Such dream also reflects that the person will gain respect in the eyes of the ruler of that time and he will lead a good life.

Darakhat Kay Patay Dakihna

To make some other door
If a person sees in a dream that he is making another door of his house, it means that he is going to sell his house. Such dream is also interpreted as the wife of person who dreams such a situation, will marry someone else

Darwaza Dosra Banana

To see beard to be stretched
Dreaming a situation where the person sees that his beard is going to be stretched, it has good affects for the person. The person dreaming such a situation means that he will have more respect and higher status in the society.

Darrhi Ka Daraz Hona


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