To see a mouse eating something in the house

To see a mouse eating something in the house
When someone sees a mouse in the dream that is eating something in the house, it is a sign of short life of that person. The life of the person is gradually decreasing according to explanations given by professional dream interpreters for such dreams.

Choye Ko Ghar Main Ghuste Dikhna

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To see a Ptarmigan When someone sees a Ptarmigan in the dream, it means that he will marry a pious and gentle woman who will bring happiness in his life. Seeing a ptarmigan bird in the dream is a sign of joy and happiness life, which is indeed a good sign.

Chokar Ka Dikhana

To see a filtering device
If you see a filtering device in a dream, you will step into a mature age and you will start concerning about the important matters of your life. The professionals interpret such dreams and you can adjust the routine matters of your life following them.

Chache Dekhna

To see lapping up the moon
To see a moon in the dream has good interpretations for the person. And for the dream when he sees lapping up the moon, the explanation is given as the birth of children of the person seeing the dream.

Chand Ko Aghosh Main Lina

To see a water spring When someone sees a water spring in the dream, it means that prevailing situations in his life will greatly favor him. The person will lead a good life by the grace and blessings of Allah according to given explanation for such a dream.

Chashma Dekhna

To see a sandal When someone sees a sandal in the dream, it means that he or she is going to suffer from any dangerous disease. The person will remain ill for a long time and there are fewer chances of his recovery according to the explanations for such a dream.

Cheali Ka Dikhna


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