To see a stick

To see a stick
When someone sees a stick in the dream, it means that the enemy of the person will die naturally and the dreamer will feel relax, as there will be no more attacks against him.

Charri Dikhna

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To see breast
When someone sees breast in the dream, it means that he is going to be married to a beautiful girl. Such dream also reflects that there will be many daughters of the person.

Chati Dikhna

To see beard to be short When someone sees in a dream that his beard is getting shorter, the person will lose his respect and honor in the eyes of the people. Beard is a considered a sign of respect and sagacity in the personality and if it is getting shorter, it is not considered as a good sign.

Chotey Hona Darrhi Ka

To see a Ptarmigan When someone sees a Ptarmigan in the dream, it means that he will marry a pious and gentle woman who will bring happiness in his life. Seeing a ptarmigan bird in the dream is a sign of joy and happiness life, which is indeed a good sign.

Chokar Ka Dikhana

To see running out from a competition with a tiger
Some dreams have harsh results while the other reveal many benefits for the dreamer. When someone sees that he is running out of a fight with a tiger in the dream, it has a reciprocal definition. The person will achieve his objectives and triumph in his life according to the explanation of such dream.

Chete Ke Muqable se Bhagte Dikhna

To see the eclipse
Seeing the eclipse in the dream is an indicator for severe situations in the life of the person. It means that there will be dearth of stock under the ownership of the dreamer. It also means an abortion of woman or provisions to be tight or some disaster on the ruler according to the given explanations of seeing the eclipse in the dream.

Chand Girhan Dikhna


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