To see bark of a tree in Dream

To see bark of a tree
The dreams have different explanations according to the situations and these explanations reveal happiness sometimes while some of them force the person to be worried and so this dream when someone sees a bark of tree. The person needs to be worried because according to this dream the person will face poverty in the near future.

Chal Darkht ki kahana

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To see silver
Some dreams interpret the conditions of person like future prospects, marriage, livelihood, and other important concerns of the life. The dream where the person sees silver means that he is getting his employment through righteous means.

Chandi Ko Dikhna

To see a roof When someone sees roof in the dream, it is a good dream for the person. It means that the person will get married with a pious woman and both will lead a happy life.

Chahat Dikhna

To see the ants coming towards the house When a person dreams that the ants are coming towards his house, he is going to have lot of wealth, there will no scarcity of resources for the person in life, and he is going to lead a good life.

Chonteyo Ko Ghar Ate Dikhna

To kiss doorstep
When someone sees himself or herself kissing the doorstep in the dream, it means that the person will follow the directions of his wife in every matter of his life. It also means that he will diverse from the right way or he will be humiliated in love of a girl.

Chokhat ko Chomna

To see lightening lamp
Everybody sees dreams that have real impacts on their life and when you see lightening lamp in the dream, it means that the person will have a healthy and long life. If the person is bachelor, he will get married. If the person is poor or idle, he will get rich or will find a job according the given explanations by the dream interpreters.

Charagh Roshan Dikhana


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