To see a headdress

To see a headdress
Many dreams are the indicators of future prospects for the person and seeing a headdress in the dream reflects that the person will marry a pious girl. According to the explanations of such dreams, the person will live happily along with his wife.

Chadar Dikhna

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To see a moon coming towards oneself
When someone sees a moon coming towards him in the dream, it is a good sign for the dreamer. There will be a birth of a son in the views of some interpreters. While in other's point of view, the person will be a ruler of some place.

Chand Ko Apne Pas Aate Dikhna

To see pool water
When someone sees pool water in the dream, it has different explanations. It is a blessing to see it in the dream and if the water is pure and clean and person has owned the pool, it is a sign of higher status. If a politician sees such a dream, he is going to be a ruler. If the water of the pool is smelly and black, it is sign of grieves and sorrows and the person will face severe situations according to the size of pool. If he sees that he has taken a bath from the pure and clean water of the pool, it reflects happiness for the person. If he sees that water level of pool has increased, the happiness and courtesy will also increase. If he sees that the pool water has dried instantly, a high ranked person of the country will die. If he sees that there is a beautiful stream near his house or business place, it means that he will get livelihood from some unseen sources and he will get respect and seniority. If the water is smelly, black and dirty, it is a sign of a loss and spiritual control called magic. To see water pool is dependent on following factors: command, higher status, generosity, temper, anxious and illness, long life, loss and son.

Khwab Mein Chashmay Ka Pani Dekhna

To see oneself sneezing When someone sees himself or herself sneezing in the dream, it means that the doubts of the person in any matter of his life will come true and the person will develop a suspicious personality.


To see a mouse When someone sees a mouse in the dream, it means that the person will marry a woman who is not so beautiful and with an ill character. The person will lead a grievous life according to the explanations of such a dream.

Choya Dikhna

To see a goatskin
When someone sees a goatskin in the dream, it is not a good sign for the person. The person will have to face some severe results if he sees a goatskin in the dream according to given explanations by the leading dream interpreters.

Chagal Kahana


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