To see rice in Dream

To see rice
Someone seeing rice in the dream will gain some benefits, as he will get consoles after some troubles in the life. The person does not need to be worried because his anxieties and difficulties will go away after sometime according to explanations of such dream.

Chawal Dikhana

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To see a moon
Moon is a sign of brightness and in dreams; the professionals explain it differently. In the view of some interpreters, the person who sees moon in the dream will be an intelligent fellow gaining wisdom to solve the matters of other people. While some opinions about such dream reveal that the person will get married. This dream is also an indicator to children according to others.

Chand Dikhna

To see full moonlight
When someone sees full moonlight in the dream, it means that the person will lead a respectable life with a lot of wealth and blessings from Allah. He will have a peaceful passage of his life by the grace of Allah.

Chandni Khali Dikhna

To see falling roof on oneself When someone sees in the dream that the roof is falling on him, it is a reflection of getting grieves from an old fellow. Such dream also means that an old man will return home safely from a long journey.

Chaht Ko Apne Upar Girte Dikhna

To see little birds
When someone sees little birds in the dream, these are the reflection of happiness for the person. He will live a prosperous life and there will be no sorrows in the life.

Chota Chota Prinad Dikhna

To see a goatskin
When someone sees a goatskin in the dream, it is not a good sign for the person. The person will have to face some severe results if he sees a goatskin in the dream according to given explanations by the leading dream interpreters.

Chagal Kahana


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