Khawab Main Bhoka Ap Ko Dikhna

To see oneself hungry
When someone see himself or herself hungry in the dream, it reveals some problems for that person. He will face difficulties in routine matters of his life. He will take a heavy credit that will cause many problems for him. The person should give away some charity if he sees himself hungry in the dream.

Bhoka Ap Ko Dikhna

Other Related Khawab ki Tabeer

To see oneself biting other people with scorpion
When someone sees in a dream that a scorpion is biting other people, it is not a good sign for that person. That particular person is involved in backbiting of other people and he should get rid of this habit.

Bicho Se Dosre Ko Katwana

To see a lightening and rain
When a sick person sees a lightening and rain in the dream, he will recover from sickness. If a person with heavy amounts of debt sees lightening and rain in the dream, he will pay off his debt. If a prisoner sees the lightening and rain in the dream, he will get freedom.

Bemar Bijli Aur Minha Dikhe

To see a naked body
When someone sees a naked body in the dream where other people are not criticizing on such condition of the person, it reflects a good explanation for the dream that person will have a happy time and he will recover from an illness. He will get rid of all of his evils. If the person has a heavy debt, he will easily pay off all of his debt.

Barhana Badan Dikhana

To see a buffalo
When someone sees a buffalo in the dream, it is not a good sign for him. The black color of buffalo is pointing out towards some grieves and mourns in the life. Therefore, when someone sees a buffalo in the dream, he should give some charity to get rid of the difficulties in his way.

Bahanc Ka Dikhna

To see hair on tongue
When someone sees the hair on his tongue in the dream, it reflects the anxiety and mourns for that person in life. The person will suffer from a loss and face unfavorable situations in his life.

Bale Zaban Par Dikhna


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