Khawab Main Balo Ko Khole Howe Cherhe Tak Dikhna

To see open hair on the face
When someone sees open hairs in the dream that are spread all over the face of that person, it has same explanations for the persons i.e. for poor and for the rich that both will be involved in a cruel situation.

Balo Ko Khole Howe Cherhe Tak Dikhna

Other Related Khawab ki Tabeer

To see raining
When someone sees that it is raining in the dream, it means that the current year will reveal happiness for the people of the country. There will be no scarcity in the country for any material and people will enjoy abundance of food and other resources in the country.

Barane Rahemat Hona

To see pious persons or some saints or beggars
When someone sees a pious person, a saint, or a beggar in the dream, it means that the person will be involved in some good deeds, prosperity and Allah will bestow His mercy upon that person.

Bazirgan Zahid Abid Mard Naik Ya Fuqrar Ko Dikhna

To see a scorpion that penetrates in everything of the house
When someone sees a scorpion in the dream that is going through everything of the house, it means that the person has some hidden enemy that can harm him by backbiting to other people associated with that person.

Bicho Ko Mahaf Main O Kapare MAin Guhsey Dikhna

To see feeding many goats
When someone sees himself and herself feeding many goats in the dream, it means that the person will be a leader of any party. The person will govern many people according to the given explanations of such a dream.

Bakriyaan Bhut Paalna

To see a weak bull
When someone sees a weak bull in the dream, it reflects an illness or death of the person. It also reflects the shortage of food and the other resources for making the livelihood. This is the same explanation for seeing the meat of the bull in the dream.

Bale Ka Lagher Dikhna


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