Khawab Main Bale Zare Naf Par Kam Ya Ziyada Dikhna

To see less or more hair under the navel
When someone sees less hair under the navel in the dream, it is an evidence of finding the wealth with lawful and right means. If the hairs under the navel are more or long, it means that the person has unlawful means for making his livelihood.

Bale Zare Naf Par Kam Ya Ziyada Dikhna

Other Related Khawab ki Tabeer

To kill a monkey or a kitten
When someone sees in the dream killing a monkey or a kitten, it reflects the small age of the person. It also reflects that the person will suffer from any disease in the future. Killing an animal is not good and the explanation for such dreams reflects severe results for the person who dreams such situations.

Bandre Khawa Bili KA Bacha Marna

To see a cook walking in forest or eating in forest
When someone sees a cook, walking in a forest or eating in a forest in the dream, it is a good sign for that person. The dream reflects that the person will have abundance of food with lawful means.

Bawarchi Ko Dikhna Biyaban Main Chalna Ya Khana

To see a scorpion sting
When someone sees a scorpion sting in the dream, it reflects that the person has an enemy. The scorpion is considered a sign of rivalry and if someone sees that a scorpion has sting in the dream, the enemy of person will harm him through backbiting and the person will face problems.

Bicho Ka Dangge Marte Dikhna

To see oneself hungry
When someone see himself or herself hungry in the dream, it reveals some problems for that person. He will face difficulties in routine matters of his life. He will take a heavy credit that will cause many problems for him. The person should give away some charity if he sees himself hungry in the dream.

Bhoka Ap Ko Dikhna

To eat meat of a bull
When someone sees himself eating the meat of a bull in the dream, it means that he will find his livelihood after making a lot of effort. The person will choose lawful means for his earnings. The bull is an animal that is used as mean of earnings for many poor and if someone sees eating its meat in the dream, it is explained as the right means for his livelihood.

Bale Ka Dar Jana


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