Khawab Main Bagh Sabz Dikhna

To see a green garden
When someone sees a green garden in the dream, it reflects different explanations. If the garden is unknown to him, it reveals that there will be dominance of Islam and the person will find happiness in his life.

Bagh Sabz Dikhna

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To see the king passionate
When someone sees a passionate king in the dream, it means that the person will be respected and dignified and will be blessed in his life. The explanation is same for having a meal in the dream with the king of the country.

Badasha Ko Mehrban Dikhna

To see long hair
When someone sees long hair in the dream, it has different explanations for different persons. If the person is a trader, he will find abundance in his stock. If the person is a farmer, he will feel an increase in his cultivation. If the person is neither of the stated professional, such dream does not reveal good explanation for him.

Baal Sir Kay Daraz Daikhna

To see oiling the hair of head and beard
When someone sees oiling his hair of head and beard in the dream and if the oil is fragrant and in sufficient amount, it reflects that, the person will be adorned. If oil is in excess amount as it is spreading on all of his face, it has opposite explanation i.e. it is not a good sign for the person.

Baal O Sir O Darhi Main Rogan Lagana

To see a big canal
When you see a canal in the dream, there are different explanations for each situation. If the person sees that he has entered into the canal and the water of the canal is pure, the person will take benefits from a high ranked officer. If he sees that he is returning safely after entering the canal, he will manage to get rid of a big problem of his life. If someone has entered a big canal and drowned there, he will rescue himself from a cruel enemy. If a politician sees that the big canal is dried, it reflects that he will lose his current position and if the water of the canal has become hard or harsh, it means that the politician will take bribe. The dirty water of canal is an evidence of sickness. If there is blood in the water, it reflects the increase in the corruption and fights in the country. If the water is absorbing in the land, there will be many problems in that particular area. If the person has dived in the canal, it means that he will keep the secret of any big person. If he sees himself walking in the canal water and his clothes are dirty, he will suffer a loss in the trade. The explanation of canal in the dream has a sequence like:
To keep a secret
Higher post

Khawab Mein Bari Nehar Dekhna

To see a naked body
When someone sees a naked body in the dream where other people are not criticizing on such condition of the person, it reflects a good explanation for the dream that person will have a happy time and he will recover from an illness. He will get rid of all of his evils. If the person has a heavy debt, he will easily pay off all of his debt.

Barhana Badan Dikhana


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