To see a cruel person in Dream

To see a cruel person
When a person sees in a dream a cruel person, it means that he is going to be involved in wrong deeds. According to some other interpretations of the dream, the person will feel grieves in his life.

Zalim Ko Dekhna

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To see a turban When a person sees in a dream that he has set a turban, this is a very good sign for him. According to the interpretation of such a dream, the person will get many benefits from nation or he will be a religious scholar and lead the people while saying prayers.

Amama Bandhna

To see saffron or something that is fragrant
If a person sees such things in the dream, these are the reflection of praise, fame, virtue, knowledge of Islamic religion, wealth, and good habits of his life. the things that are unlike to these reflects opposite results for the person dreaming them.

Zafran Ya Jo Sheye Khoshbodar Ho Us Ka Dekhna

To see digging or eating soil
You may often dream of digging or eating soil that is not good for you because such a dream has been interpreted as you will live a life with so many troubles and problems. It is also an indicator of your financial scarcity.

Zameen Ka Khodna Matti Khana


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