To see a reservoirs in Urdu

To see a reservoirs Dreams have both positive and negative impacts on the life of people. A dream when someone sees reservoirs in the dream will have good results for the person. Such a dream is a reflection of blessings from Allah according to explanations of various professionals.

Hoze Ka Dekhna

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To see a hairdresser
A dream when you see a hairdresser has different explanations. It has severe results especially for the rich. If a rich person sees such a dream, it means that he will suffer from a loss of stock. It also pointing out towards grieves and mourns in the life of the dreamer.

Hajam Ko Dekhna

To see baths without water in Dream The dreams where you see an unexpected situation often have interpretations in your favor. But some have really harmful aspects for the person and if you see baths where no water is available, it means that you will get grieves and mourns from a woman.

Hamam Bala Pani Key Dekhna

Hamar (Dadhe) Par Sawar Dekhna

To see oneself riding the donkey
Some dreams have contrasting explanations as so the dream, when someone sees riding a donkey. The professional interpreters have defined it as blessings and well for the person.

Hamar (Gadhe) Par Sawar Dekhna

To see a fortress
A dream when you are surrounded in a fortress, is interpreted as the person will meet the leader of caravan or he will become a companion of new groups if the person in on the way to the protection of religion.

Hasaar Yani Qila Dekhna


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