To see menstruation when not in such state in Dream

To see menstruation when not in such state
If a woman sees in the dream menstruation while she is not going through the period of menstruation, it is interpreted, as the woman will do a sin in her life. The explanation for such dream will force the woman to be worried for a bit and she needs to give away some charity.

Hisse Say Na Ho Aur Haiyese Dekhey

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To take a bath after menstrual The dreams when women see menstruation has different interpretations depending on the situation. If a woman sees that she has taken a bath after menstruation in the dream, if she is ill she will recover very soon. This dream is also reflection of forgiveness for the woman.

Hisse Sey Pak Ho Kar Ghusal Karna

To have a haircut When someone sees having a haircut in the dream, it has some ruthless interpretations for the dreamer. There will be any disaster on his family of the person and it will be very difficult to save the family from that particular situation.

Hajamat Banwana

To build the bath in Dream A dream when a person sees himself building a bath will reveal very good results for the person. It means that the enemies of the person will be destroyed and he will have no worries from them. Some other professionals have interpreted such dream, as the dreamer will marry a pious woman.

Hamam Banana

To see drinking donkey milk
The dreams are the indicators of affecting the health of the person. According to this dream when someone sees himself or herself drinking the milk of a donkey, it means that he is going to suffer from a severe disease. However, some interpreters have given it a reflection of getting healthier.

Hamar (Gadha) Ka Doodh Pina

To see a donkey
If you see a donkey in the dream, it has different interpretations according to each situation in the dream. If the person is riding the donkey or he finds himself the owner of the donkey, he will be succeeded in the specific task. The interpretation is also reflecting towards wealth and stock.

Hamar Yani Gadhe Ka Khawab Main Dekhna


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