To see oneself drinking the milk of Halal animal in Urdu

To see oneself drinking the milk of Halal animal The dream when a person drinks the milk of a Halal animal or he sees a slaughter of animal, it reflects that the person will find a favorite job where he will earn lawful income. And the animals whose meat is “Haram” are the reflection of diseases and difficulties in life of the dreamer.

Halal Janwaro(Gaye Bakri Waghira) Ka Doodh Pina Koi Janwar Halal Howe

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To see pee in the baths in Dream Some interpretations have similarities with the situations in the dream and the dream when you see yourself pissing in the baths has bad explanation. It means that you will suffer from a disease or you will face strict circumstances in your life.

Hamam Main Peshab Karna

Hamar Ka Goshat Khana

To see “Harm Shareef”
The most peaceful place in the world is “Haram Shareef” and when someone sees this place in the dream, he will be a very lucky person. The person will be respected among his fellows according to the given explanations. It also means that the person will perform the Hajj.

Haram Sharif Dekhna

To take a bath after menstrual The dreams when women see menstruation has different interpretations depending on the situation. If a woman sees that she has taken a bath after menstruation in the dream, if she is ill she will recover very soon. This dream is also reflection of forgiveness for the woman.

Hisse Sey Pak Ho Kar Ghusal Karna

To see a hairdresser
A dream when you see a hairdresser has different explanations. It has severe results especially for the rich. If a rich person sees such a dream, it means that he will suffer from a loss of stock. It also pointing out towards grieves and mourns in the life of the dreamer.

Hajam Ko Dekhna


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