To See Wearing Neat and Clean Clothes

To See Wearing Neat and Clean Clothes in Dream

Dreaming a situation in which the woman sees that she is wearing neat and clean clothes is interpreted as she will be married to a virtuous man. If the woman seeing such a dream is married, then it is glad tidings of doing virtuous deeds.

Aurat Ko Pakeza Libas Pehnaey Dekhna

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To see blood in urine of a woman

When a woman sees blood in her urine in the dream, it is evidence of birth of a dead baby. It is also interpreted as mourns and sorrows for the woman who sees such a dream.

Aurat Ko Khon Ka Peshab Kartey Dekhna

To do sexual intercourse with a virtuous woman

A dream when the person sees that he is doing sexual intercourse with a virtuous and noble woman, it is interpreted, as the person will dominate his enemy. He will achieve his goals and ambitions of life.

Aurat Pakeza sey Mubasharat Karna

Azo Koi Sa Ho Sar Sey Pair Tak Apni Aabni Dekhna

To see enlarged penis again

Seeing enlarged penis in the dream for many times reflects having many children. The person seeing such a dream will enjoy many financial benefits according to some other interpretations by professionals.

Azo Tanasal ka Dobara Zaiad Dekhna

To see that penis is apart from the body
If anyone sees in the dream that his penis is apart from the body, it is not good for the person. According to the interpretation, there will be a death of either the son of the person or his own.

Azo Tanasal Ka Katt Jana Dekhna


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