To See a Building in Dream

To See a Building in Dream

Dreaming different things reflect some benefits and some detriments to the person that can be determined by the interpretations. A dream when you see a building means happiness and prosperity for the person.

Amarat Dekhna

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To see a marriage

Different situations in the dream are interpreted as happiness and sometimes these are the indicator of problems for the person as seeing a marriage in the dream reflects mourns and sorrows for him. If he sees mourning in the dream, it is interpreted as enjoyment and happiness.

Arose Yani Shadi Dekhna

To see sap dripping from body

A dream when the person sees sap dripping from the body is good for him. According to the interpretation of such a dream, the ill person will recover from disease. Others interpretations reveal that he will oppose any wrong doing.

Arqe Badan Sey Thaktey Dekhna

To see brides attracted

Seeing a dream in which the brides are attracted towards the person has been interpreted in two ways. Such a dream is an indication of poverty for the person. According to other explanations, it is a sign of anxiety and problems.

Arose Ko Apne Taraf Mayel Dekhna

To see honey

Dreaming honey has been interpreted differently according to the situations. If the person has seen the honey in the hive, it is evidence of getting wealth. If he has tasted the honey from the hive, he will get knowledge of Quran or he will get married. Some other interpretations identify the recovery from a disease.

Asal Yani Sahad Ka Dekhna

To see perfumes, ambrosia, sandalwood and camphor

Seeing perfumes, ambrosia, sandalwood and camphor in the dream indicated many things for the person. According to the interpretation, the person will get knowledge, wisdom, purified wealth, good habits and he will never hurt anyone with spoken words.

Atare o Anbar Aur jumla ka Froo Sandal Khshbodar Ka Dekhna


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