To See Perfumes, Ambrosia, Sandalwood

To See Perfumes, Ambrosia, Sandalwood and Camphor in Dream

Seeing perfumes, ambrosia, sandalwood and camphor in the dream indicated many things for the person. According to the interpretation, the person will get knowledge, wisdom, purified wealth, good habits and he will never hurt anyone with spoken words.

Atare o Anbar Aur jumla ka Froo Sandal Khshbodar Ka Dekhna

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To see agate

Dreaming often involve precious stones and when the person sees agate in the dream it means that he is going to be blessed. According to some other interpretations, the person will be respected in the society.

Ateqe Ka Dekhna

To see women or battalion

Seeing women or people of battalion in the dream, it is interpreted as the person will get wealth and property. He will progress in his life and some other interpretations reveal long life of the person.

Aurat Aur Lashkar Walo Ko Dekhna

To see a young and beautiful woman

When someone has a dream in which he sees a young and beautiful woman, it is evidence of wealth, health and happiness. If the woman in the dream is not married, the person will get strong financial position in his trade and business.

Aurat Haseen jawan Ka dekhna

To see menstruation while not being in that state

If a woman sees menstruation in the dream while she is not in that state in real, it means that she is going to perform a sin. According to the interpretation of such a dream, the woman will repent after doing such wrongdoing.

Aurat Haze Sey Na Ho Aur Dekhe Key heze Sey Ho

To see a penis in the body of woman

If a woman sees a dream, in which there is existence of penis in her body and if she is pregnant, there will be birth of a son who will become the ruler or a leader. If she is not pregnant, she will never have children in her life.

Aurat Ka Apne Jisam Main AAlha Tanasil Ka Pida Hona Dekhna


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