To see penis cut off from the body in Dream

To see penis cut off from the body
When you have a dream in which you see that the penis is cut off from the body, it is a reflection that your children will die. Some interpretations also reveals the death of the person having such a dream.

Zikar Ka Kata Howa Dekhna

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To see worshipping Allah
A dream when the person sees that he is worshipping Allah reflects that the person will have strong religious beliefs in the life. The dream is evidence that the person will follow the teachings of an advisor. He will become the worshipper according to the interpretation of such a dream.

Zikarey Khuda Karte Dekhna

To eat yoghurt
Sometimes people may find themselves eating various things in dreams, and a situation in which you find yourself eating yoghurt in the dream means that you are going to face grieves and mourns in the near future according to the explanation given by the professional dream interpreters.

Dahi Khana

To see stone, metal or wooden teeth
Seeing teeth in a dream has different explanations for the person. In a dream, when a person sees different kinds of teeth like stone teeth, metal or wooden teeth is an evidence of death of the person seeing such a dream.

Dant Pather Ya Lohe Khawa Lakrri Ke Dikhna

To see leaves of a tree
When someone sees leaves of a tree in the dream, it means that he is going to have a lot of wealth. Such dream also reflects that the person will gain respect in the eyes of the ruler of that time and he will lead a good life.

Darakhat Kay Patay Dakihna

To see expansion of penis
If a person sees in a dream the expansion of penis, it means that he will have many children. If the person bachelor, he will get married to a beautiful woman. If a woman sees such a dream, it means that she will give birth to a son.

Zakar Yani Aazai Tanasul Ka Daraz Dekhna


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