To find a Tanoor

To find a Tanoor
When someone finds a tanoor in a dream, it is a good sign for the person. The person will be on a way to progress and his financial resources will increase as some of the leading interpreters have explained about it.

Tanwar Pana

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To chew a dark spot on the skin
When someone sees a dark spot on the skin and he is chewing it in the dream, it means that the person will be involved in theft. The person will face a difficult situation and he is going to be involved in mischievous activities like robbing.

Til Chubna

Tetar Chirya Dekhna

To see oneself sitting on a throne or to see a throne
When someone sees himself sitting on a throne in the dream, it is a gesture that the person will gain a high status in the society. It also means that the person will be a ruler or a governor and his or her subjects will truly respect him.

Takhat Par Batihna Ya Dekhna

To compete with a sword
When someone sees himself competing with a sword in the dream, it means that the person is going to be respected and he will have a higher status in his life according to given explanations.

Talwar Say Larna Yani Ke Muqabla Karna

To see a sword breaking
When someone sees a broken sword in the dream, it means that someone close to him will die. If the handle of the sword is broken, it means that his uncle will die. If the same person sees that the sword is broken from the center, it represents the death of his grandmother, mother, aunt or a close relative woman.

Talwar Ka Tott Tey Dekhna


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