To pick a pillow

To pick a pillow
Seeing oneself picking up a pillow in the dream means that the dreamer will have a long life and become wise and respectable in the society. It also suggests that he will be either be included in the sages or will become a senior and respectable member of the society.

Takiya Chunana

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To see shooting stars on the sky
When someone sees shooting star in the dream, it has different explanations for different conditions of persons. If the person is a rich man, he will become dependent or needy. If the person seeing such dream is a needy fellow, he will get martyrdom or innocent death according to the given explanations.

Taro Ka Tott Tay Dekhna Asmaan Par

To find a “Taweez”
When someone sees in the dream that he has found a “taweez”, it is pointing out towards some unnatural forces that will cause the dreamer to suffer from psychological diseases. Taweez is a religious remedy for such diseases and to see it in a dream means that the person will suffer from a condition that is caused by the unnatural forces.

Tawize Pana

To kill with an arrow
When someone sees that he has killed someone with an arrow, it means that he will write some statement or a book reading to which people will be grieved. The professional dream interpreters give this complex explanation for such dream.

Teer Ka Marna

To see a funeral casket of oneself
When someone sees his or her funeral casket in the dream, it means that he or she will live long. Some explanations for the dreams are opposite of what the dreamer sees and same is about this dream. When you see yourself dead, it is a reflection of your long life.

Tabot Jenaza Apna Dekhna

To see or find a crown
Someone seeing or finding a crown in the dream defined differently according to the situations in the dream. If the dreamer receives the crown from an old person, he will seek solitude from the world or die and if the person receives the crown from a king, he will get the ruler ship or a kingdom.

Taj Dekhina Ya Pana


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