Khawab Main Peshab Karte Dekhna

To see pissing
When someone sees pissing in a dream, it also reveals different explanations. If the person is facing some problems, he will get rid of them. If the person is a creditor, he will pay off his debt. If he is a rich person, he will suffer from a loss depending on the deficiency and excess in urine.

Peshab Karte Dekhna

Other Related Khawab ki Tabeer

To find money
When someone finds money in a dream, it means that he will face many problems in his life. The person will be anxious and upset in routine matters of his life. To find money in dream reflects severe results for the person.

Payesa Pana

To water the trees after drawing from welll
When someone sees in a dream that he is drawing water from a well and watering the trees, it means that he will be given the custody of orphans. It is also a sign of blessings for him because custody of orphans is the biggest blessing from Allah.

Pani Konway Say Nikal Kar Darkht Main Dina

Paiykhana Pherna

To see destroying a mountain
When someone sees himself in a dream that he is destroying a mountain, it means that he is a brave person. He will destroy the foundations of a cruel person according to given explanations. It also means that he will kill a person.

Paharr Ko Dahna

To see a flower
When someone sees a flower in the dream, it means that he will have comfort and peace in his life. Flower is a sign for love and peace and to see a flower in a dream is a good sign.

Phole Dekhna


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