To see a Turquoise wearing

To see a Turquoise wearing
When someone sees a turquoise wearing in the dream, it is very lucky for the person. The fate of the person will improve and if anyone sees black wearing in the dream, it also means that he will lead very good life.

Jameya Firozi Ka Pehnana

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To see oneself on Jihaad
When someone sees himself on Jihad in the dream, it means that the person will be blessed in this world and in hereafter. Jihad is considered a noble deed in Islam and when the person sees himself on Jihad, it represents many heavenly blessings on the person, both material and moral.

Jehaad Karna

Jhanda Sufad Ka Dekhna

To see white flag
When someone sees white flag in the dream, it means that the dreamer is going to be a respected fellow among his community. Such dream in which there is a white flag, it reveals lot of benefits for the person.

Jhanda Sufad Dekhna

To put on tight shoes
When someone sees that he or she has put on tight shoes in the dream, it means that both husband and wife will fight and both will give arguments against each other.

Jote Tang Pehnana

To see black flag
When someone sees black flag in the dream it means that he will be respected anywhere he will go and people will seek his guidance according to the explanations given by dream interpreters about such a dream.

Jhanda Seya


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