Hand Tied To.

Hand Tied To.
Seeing tied hands in the dream is a sign of being a nonbeliever and if your hands are dry and have no motion then it means that your friends will leave you. You can be alone or feel loneliness in the in the future because of being a nonbeliever and cold. It then leads you to lose the trust of others.

Hatho Ko Bandhey Dekhna

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Seeing many hands in the dream
If you see many hands in your dream, the interpretation can have two different meaning according to the situation. If you are a good person then you will be kind to other people but if you are a needy person or are short of necessities of life, this could mean that you might be a lot of trouble to other people.

Hath Keay Aik dekhna Apne

Seeing henna on the hand in Dream
In dream if you see henna on your hands, it is not considered as a very good sign. According to some of the leading dream interpreters seeing henna means the dreamer will either murder someone or be a part of a murder conspiracy. It shows a desire or a wish to kill someone.

Hath Main Mahndi Lagana

To Send a Gift in Dream
If you are sending a gift to someone in your dream, it means that the dreamer in very down to earth and love people and humanity as a whole. If you see yourself sending a gift to someone, it shows that you are loveable person and have a soft heart. It is a symbol of love that makes the loving relation strong with others.

Hadiya Bhijna

See Deer in Drear
It is evidence that means there is possibility of the birth of daughter or you will meet a girl who will serve and obey you. Deer represents beauty and feminism and this is what it means in the dreams as well. It is considered as a good sign.

Hiran Dekhna

To See Deer Child in Dream
It is a sign that your desire and wish will be fulfilling very soon. According to some of the leading dream interpreters, it is a good sign and represents the coming of joys and happiness in one's life, which one had desired for.

Hiran Ka Bacha Dekhna


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