To kill the goose in Dream

To kill the goose
It is not a good sign. If you kill the goose in your dream that means you will be humiliated by your fellows. You will give suggestions but they will not accept it. They will not admire your reasoning skills. This sign indicates that you must think carefully before you talk to some body.

Goze Marna

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To drink milk of donkey
It is a good sign. If you drink milk of donkey in your dream which means you will be recover your physical condition. You will be healthy again and perform excellent work. You will get profit in your business. The interpretation of this dream is good and you will take benefits if you have seen this dream.

Gadhi Ka Doodh Pina

To see glass or bowl
If you see glass or bowl and it is completely filled with some thing then it means you will die. It is the sign of death. You must say prayers for forgiveness because this symbol indicates your death. You must do good things in your life after seeing this dream.

Gelass Ya Katora Dekhna

To see closure of unknown person in house
It is the sign of grave. If you see some unknown person in the house and he has been kept there then it means you will die or you will meet a woman in case of your work. You will meet and ask her to do your work. She will be unknown personality for you.

Ghar Main Ghair Malom Ka Band Hona

To see horse going out of house or neighborhood
If you see horse going out of house or neighborhood, it means you are in danger. It is not a good sign. It indicates that your death is possible or you will be out of your house or neighborhood. If you see this dream then you must say prayer for forgiveness.

Ghorey Ko Apney Makan Ya Mohaley Sey Nikaltey Dekhna

To see cemetery
It is not a good sign. If you see cemetery or burial ground in your dream then it means you will suffer in case of finance. You will not be respectful person among your neighbors, friends and relatives. You will not have enough money to meet your needs. You will live a poor life.

Gorastan Dekhna


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