To see raw meat in Dream

To see raw meat
If you see raw meat in your dream then it means you will earn money by illegal sources. It will make you in trouble. You must avoid these actions to earn money which are illegal in society. It is not a good sign. You will face many problems because of your illegal earning.

Goshat Kham Dekhna

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To ride on donkey
If you do donkey riding in your dream then this dream has dual signs. You will do right things in your life if your donkey is going towards west side. It is also possible that you will do Hajj in your life. But if your go opposite to the west then its not good sign. In case of this direction you will be in trouble.

Gadhey Par Sawar Hona

To see head without body
This dream has many good signs. If you see your head without body in the dream then it means you will be released if you are prisoner. You will be healthy if you are weak. You will say Hajj in your life. If you are in trouble then after this dream your trouble will be solved.

Gardan Kati Dekhna Yani Sir Tan Sey Juda

To see house open and vast
It is good sign. If you see a house which is open and vast then it means world is too vast and open for you. This dream will realize you about the hugeness of the world. You must learn from this dream and praise the creator of this world.

Ghar Ko Kushada Dekhna

To see a horse making noise
It is not a good sign. It means you will be in trouble and pain in future. If you see this dream, you must pray to God to solve your problems and decrease your pain. The horse making noise in dream indicates symbols of problems.

Ghorey Ka Shokhi Ya Shor Kartey Dekhna

To be the honor of mare
This is a good sign. The person who sees this dream is very lucky. He will get a very gentle and beautiful woman in his life. She will take care of him. His life will be full of love and happiness. His future is bright due to that woman. She will make a great change in his life.

Ghori Ka Malik O Qabiz Hona Ya Sawar Hona


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