Oonth Ka Daikhna

To see a camel
When someone sees a camel in his dreams, and he possesses the ownership of the camel, it means he will respect in the world i.e. the people will give him honor and respect. When he will see the line of the camels, there will be the same explanation of the dream.

Oont Ka Daikhna

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To see a gold ring without a stone
When someone sees a gold ring that is empty of stone, it is good sign for the women but a bad sign for the men. Instead, it reflects that the men will perform some bad deeds in their life and will harm other innocent people around him.

Anghooti Sonay Ki Bila Naginay Dekhna

When someone sees the evacuation of sperms in the dreams, it is a sign of happiness. But that largely depends on the amount of sperms evacuated.

Aab e Mizi - Khawab Main Aab e Mizi Daikhna

To see Israfeel (A.S)
When someone sees Israfeel (A.S) in his dream, it is a fortune for him. As the Israfeel (A.S) is the angel of God, and when anyone sees him in the dream, it means that he is very lucky in the world and will be blessed with strong religious beliefs.

Israfeel Ko Dekhna

To see brick
When someone sees a brick in the dream and he found it from a dry place, it reflects that he will find a lot of wealth in the near future. The place of finding the bricks is important as it will determine the explanation of the dream.

Eant Ka Daikhna

To see a camel tied up with a rope
Camel is usually considered as a calm and a peaceful animal. Seeing s camel tied up with a rope in dream is not a good sign. According to some leading dream analysts, it represents the coming of unexpected problems from unknown sources. In some cases it also represents wide scale chaos and sufferings from supernatural or natural factors across the country.

Oont Ko Jata Kuna Daikhna


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