Oley Girtay Daikhna

To see ice in the rain
When someone sees ice or snow in the rain, it is worst for him if he sees in the weather when this rain is not expected. However, if suitable conditions exist for such rain in the weather, and the person see this rain in his dream that means he will gain a lot.

Auley Girtay Daikhna

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Aab Beeni - Khawab Main Naak sey Paani Behtay Daikhna

To see a brick getting out of the wall
When someone sees a brick getting out of the wall in the dream, it means that any person of that house will leave the house. It also reveals that an important woman will leave the house or she will die. The getting out of bricks from the wall means that the peace of the house is also getting out and some important people of the house are arriving out of it.

Khawab Main Eant Ka Deewar Sey Nikal Jana Daikhna

To eat the meat of a camel
When you see yourself eating meat of a camel, it means that you will suffer from diseases while making your lawful means of earnings. Camel is a noble animal and to eat the meat of camel in the dream is not a good sign but reflects some problems in getting the right earnings for oneself.

Oant Ka Ghosht Khana

To see fingers
When someone sees fingers in the dream, it is an evidence of getting far from the main objective of the life. It also reflects that the person is not going on the path of his main goals and will not be successful in achieving the main purpose of his life.

Ungliyoon Ka Dekhna

To see saints
When someone sees saints in his dreams, it is a sign of his virtual deeds or higher status in the society.

Auliya Ko Dekhna


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