Khwab Mein Tursh Pani (Aab e Tursh) Dekhna

To see Aab-e-Tursh in dreams is a sign of difficulties and grieves. If he has seen aab-e-tursh falling but he had not got wet or drink it, it is a good sign. Hazrat Jafar Saadiq (R.A) said. To drinking aab-e-tursh is a sign of the following five factors; illness, wrath, fight, need, get angry and fight with family members.

Khwab Mein Tursh Pani (Aab e Tursh) Dekhna

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To see the lights of smoke without any fire
He will visit the king or ruler of the country, find a higher status, and he will be realized from all the worries of his life.

Aag Begair Dhuwain Kay Roshan Karna

To cook after enlightening the fire
When someone sees that he is cooking after enlightening the fire, it means he will have a lot of profit and he will control the habit of spam spending.

Aag Jala Kar Pakana

To see himself riding the camel
To see oneself riding the camel reflects the travel or he will be blessed by the activity of Hajj.

Oont Par Aap Ko Sawar Daikhna

To see himself eating mangoes
When someone sees himself eating mangoes in the dream, it reflects a good health or he will become father.

Aam Khana

To eat a bitter pomegranate
It is a sign of some grievances instead; all of the Trish fruits reflect the same explanation of the dreams.

Anar Tursh Khana


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