Ashrafi Ka Dekhna

To see precious rings
When you see precious rings in your dream, it means that you will become a father of a son. It also reflects that there will be a handsome profit if you are doing trading business. It is also a sign of taking your status at higher level.

Ashrafi Ka Dekhna

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To eat the hail balls in dream
If you see yourself eating hail in the dream, it is explained as a sign of existing or upcoming problems, unhappiness or shock. Some explanations have been made for such dreams as a sign of getting happiness and prosperity as well.

Aula Khana

To see a field filled with hail
When someone sees a lot of hail in an open field in the dream, it means that the person has many enemies and they are malevolent and may also bring harm the person seeing as such. Therefore, whenever anyone sees the hail in the dreams, they ought to be careful from their enemies and protech themselves from any loss of health or wealth.

Aulay ka maidaan Daikhna

To put a ring
If anyone sees himself putting a ring in the dream, it means he will be selected on any higher post. This dream also reflects that the person will marry with a beautiful woman. The ring is a sign of luck and when you see it in the dream, it will reveal something better for you.

Anghooti Ka Pehnna

Water reservoirs
Water reservoirs is a sign of knowledge and intellectual as the old people said that if a man has drunk water from the water reservoirs, the amount of water would increase his knowledge. If he has seen that someone has made him the owner of a water reservoirs, the size of water reservoirs would determine the success in getting the knowledge and wisdom. If he sees that he has taken a bath from the water reservoirs, he will be blessed with repentance. If he sees that he has drunk all the water of the water reservoirs, it is a sign of his long age and blessings in his wealth and children i.e. his children will respect him. If he sees that there is a decrease in the water of reservoirs, he will gain nothing from his knowledge. If he sees that the water is coming from anywhere in the reservoirs, it is a sign of progress and wealth in his knowledge. If he sees that the reservoirs is accidently dried, it is an evidence of loss of wealth and health and this is the same explanation of the dirty water of the reservoirs.

Aab e Houz Khawab Mein Dekhna


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