Anwar E Ilahi Dekhna

To see the blessings of God
If you see the blessings of God in your dreams that mean you will find a place in heaven, get freedom from prison; get noble deeds and the shower of blessings from God on earth and at the Day of Judgment as well.

Anwar E Ilahi Dekhna

Other Related Khawab ki Tabeer

To see the sky
When someone sees the sky in the dream, it is an indication of finding the wealth and prosperity. He will gain a high social status and will grow, materially, socially. If the person sees himself moving towards the sky, it means that Allah will bless him. It is also a sign of having a just and a kind ruler or the king in the country with growth in the people, business and social values across the country.

Aasman Ko Daikhna

To eat eggs
When someone sees himself eating eggs in the dreams, there are different explanations for each situation. If he eats eggs after cooking, that reflects his lawful earnings. If he eats an egg without cooking it, it points out towards his wrong deeds. If he eats the peel or egg white, that means he will ruin the wealth of any dead man.

Anday Khana

To see an eye
If you see an eye in the dream, the explanation is dependent on the situation. If there is an increase in the strength of the eyesight, it is a sign of progress in the religious beliefs. If you see a decrease, the beliefs or the moral values of the person will see a decline. This dream also relates to the growth or devaluation of worldly and religious insight of the dreamer.

Aankh Ka Daikhna

To see guava or see eating guava
When someone sees only guava or eating guava in his dream, if the guava is sweet, it is a sign of blessing for him and if the guava is bitter, then it is a sign of suffering from any disease.

Amrood Ka Khana Ya Daikhna

To lost the ring
When someone sees that his ring is lost in dream, it is a sign of losing rule and respect in his life. The rings are normally considered the sing of prosperity and happiness. When someone lost it, it means that he will suffer from the loss of his value in the eyes of others.

Anghooti Ka Kho Jana


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