Anjeer Ka Pata Daikhna

To see a leaf of fig
When someone sees a leaf of fig in the dream, it is not a good sign for the person. Although the fruit is sweet and delicious fruit but when you see its leaf in the dream, the astrologists have made the explanation that it is not good sign for that person.

Anjeer Ka Pata Daikhna

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To see oneself flying
If anyone sees himself flying in the dream, it means that he will cut off all the evil deeds in life. It also reflects that the person will go on a long journey and will return home safely. He will face no difficulty in the journey and the objective for which he has travelled will be fulfilled accordingly.

Apnay Aap Ko Urtay Huey Dekhna

Seeing white or black grapes
Seeing black or white or a combination of both colored grapes has several divergent interpretations depending on the time of the year. If someone sees the grapes of these colors when it is the season of grapes, it is a good sign and represents prosperity and growth. Seeing grapes at time of the year in which grapes do no grow is a sign of declining health, grief or bad news.

Angoor Siyah Sufaid Ko Daikhna

To see an egg or to find an egg
If someone has seen an egg in the dream and he does not know about the mother of the egg or which bird has laid it, it is a clear sign that the person will have a woman associated with his anytime soon. The woman could be his wife or a fiance. The experts have also given the same explanations for a dream in which the person sees an egg in his possession.

Anday Ka Dekhna aur Anday Ka Malik Hona

To see Aahan
When someone sees Aahan in dreams, it reflects some happiness or increase in his values.

Aahan Dekhna

To see clouds
When someone sees, clouds in the dream that means it will cause the increase in the virtues or progress of his religious beliefs.

Abdaal Dekhna


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