To See the Extraction of the Grapes Syrup

To see the extraction of the grapes syrup
When someone sees the extraction of the syrup in his dream, it is a sign of happiness in his life.

انگو ر کا شیرہ نکالنا
انگور کا شیرہ نکلتے دیکھنا خوشی کی دلیل ہے۔

Other Related Khawab ki Tabeer

To see a dust storm or lightening
It represents some epidemic or the coming of any difficulty or bad situation in his life.

Aandhi Ka Daikhna aur Bijli Ka Girna

To see fingers separately
When someone sees his fingers separately in his or her dreams, that means he will spent his life in severe pain and his close one's will left him or her.

Ungliyoon Ko Alag Alag Daikhna

Abdaal Dekhna

To eat walnut
To see one's self eating walnuts in the dream is a good sign. It represents growth in business and trade. In addition to this, it also represents positive returns in business transactions, deals and shows growth of revenues. Walnuts may also be seen in many other situations in dreams and in all means profits and growth.

Khawab main Akhrooat Khana

To see Prophets happy
If you see prophets in dream and they are very happy, it means that you will be respected in the world and you will have strong religious beliefs in life. It also reflects that you will be blessed to see the Prophet Muhammad (SAW). If the prophets in the dream are angry with you, the explanation is reversed.

Anbiya Ko Khush Daikhna


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