Anar Metha Daikhna

To see a sweet pomegranate
That reflects the goodwill of the person and his proper life.

Anar Metha Daikhna

Other Related Khawab ki Tabeer

To sell a precious stone
If you sell a precious stone in the dream, it is not a good sign for you. The precious stones are the wealth for the persons and when they sell them, he will have to suffer loss. It reflects that the person will have to suffer from some grieves in his life.

Ashrafi Ka Baich Dalna

Water of "Hoz-e-Kosar"
If someone sees in the dream that it is the Day of Judgment and summons are made to call the people at the place of "Hoz-e-Kosar", it means that there will be promotion to the peace and justice in the country. If sees that he has drunk water from the "Hoz-e-Kosar", it reflects his strong believe in the Islam and the right way of his life. If he had not found water from the "Hoz-e-Kosar" after much struggle, that clearly means that he has wrong perception of the followers of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW). If he has seen that, the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) himself gave the water from the "Hoz-e-Kosar" that reflects that he is on the way of his life as mentioned by the Prophet Muhammad (SAW). If he sees that he has been giving the "Hoz-e-Kosar", this is a sign of the saint of Allah. If he sees that he had drink water from "Hoz-e-Kosar" of his own name, or someone else has given him the bowl of water of his name, that means that some scholar will bless him. If he sees that he has drunk the water from "Hoz-e-Kosar" and the water was dirty, it means he is not on the right path of religion and he need to say sorry to Allah for his sins.

Khawab Main Hoz e Kausar Dekhna

To see the sun covered with dust or eclipse
If someone sees the sun covered with dust or eclipse, it is a sign of illness and difficulty or it is the sign of the death of the parents of the dreamer. To reach near the sky flying, it means that he will get the blessings of world and religion.

Aftaab Ko Girhan ya Gard O Gubar Main Dekhna

To see Honey or Oil Vinegar from Sky or similar things
When someone sees such kind of things, these are the signs of good fortune.

Aasman Sey Shehud Ya Sirka Dekhna


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