To see Fire in Dream

Dream is a symbolical language that is entirely different from common language. It has different meanings. Similarly Fire has different meanings in the language of dream. It may be evil or good on the basis of its condition. In specific means it is a symbol of purification, regeneration, revival and destruction. The Muslim ulems assess the nature of fire according to the context that one sees in its dream. They also suggest some alternative measures that might be helpful to reduce the dreadful impact of horrid dreams.


To see sparks of fire
If a person sees sparks of fire in his dream. It has completely different meaning than to see fire in dream. It is a symbol of mere destruction and loss. Person will meet any imminent loss that might be personal or economical. These losses will be major or minor in nature but its effects will be worse for the person.

Aag Ka Sharara Daikhna

Flames of Fire Falling On The City
To see flames of fire falling on the city is a clear sign of imminent danger that can takes place any parts of the city in the form of war and strife. Its effects will be long lasting and even disturb the lives of people as well.

Shehar Ma Aag K Shararay

Flames of Fire Falling on The People
To see flames of fire in dream is not a positive sign for the people. It is a clear indication towards unpleasant situation that will bring difficulties in the form of strife and war. These difficulties might be taken place in the small group or within in the large number of people but its outcomes will be very unpleasant.

Aag Kay Shararay Logo par girty daikhna

To Play With Fire
To play with fire is always dangerous; this has similar meaning in the language of dreams. It symbolizes unpleasant situation in which unintentionally a person embroils in a bad situation and engages in verbal abuse that will make this situation from bad to worse.

Aag Dalna Aur Aag Sa Khelna

Cooling of Fire in One's Hand
If someone takes fire in his hand in a dream and that fire has cooled down in his palm is not a good omen. It shows that the concerned person will acquire unlawful wealth after the service of his echelon.

Aag Ka Hath main sarrd ho jana

To Share Fire With Others
If a person share fire in his dream is a sign towards unpleasant work. It shows that a concerned person will commit any task at any time in his life that will bring embarrassment for him and his acquainted people.

Dusry Logo Ko Aag Daina

To Visit Fire Temple
To visit fire temple in dream is not proven good for the person. It is a sign of worries and distraction. If he picks something from the temple in his dream will be fatal for him because it is a sign of abjectness. It foretells that the if the person starts any project it will not finish according to his expectation.

Aatish Kadha Jana

Prostrate The Fire
To prostrate the fire in a dream is a sign of tyranny that person will accept without any protest. This act of person indicates that in reality he can engage in such activities that will be the cause of his resentment and annoyance.

Aag Ko Sajhda Karna

To Go Inside The Fire
In a dream if a person goes inside the fire has double meanings. It might be positive and negative according to the existing situation of the person. Its shows that person will take self interests successfully without any facing major problems.

Aag K Andar Chala Jana

To Lit The Fire
Generally it is a meaning of strength, sage and wisdom but the presence and absence of smoke has changed its meanings. If the person lit fire without smoke in his dream shows that he will get happiness, peace and wealth in his life by his achievements. And if the person lit fire without smoke in his dream gives negative description. The person will face difficulties, miseries and loss in his life. It may be personal or related to his business as well.

Aag Roshan Krna

To Lit Fire Under Cooking Pot
It is good to lit fire under cooking pot in his dream. If a person lit fire undercooking pot in his dream it points out that he will commit an act in his real life that will be equally beneficial for himself and his family.

Daig K Nichy Aag Roshan Karna

To Lit Fire Under Empty Cooking Pot
It is merely an indication of great loss and harm .if the person tries to achieve something without any clear strategy it will bring great harm and loss for him and his family.

Khali Daig K Nichy Aag Roshan Karna

To Lit Fire For Light
To lit fire for light shows that the upcoming project would go against his prime interest. If the person avail this opportunity against his nature it will bring distraction and harm for him instead of good result.

Roshni K Liye Aag Jalana

To Lit Fire With No Mean
To lit fire with no mean is a sign of great concern. It is a sign of unpleasant situation in which person will fight with his family and people around him without any significant reason.

Baghyr Khany Pakany K Aag Roshan Krna

To Extinguish The Fire
If a person failed in his attempt to lit the fire in his dream is a symptom of demise in the form of death. It denotes that it is a bad omen for a person that ultimately become the cause of his death

Aag Ka Bujh Jana

To Lit Fire in The Forest
If the person lit fire in the forest in dream for the guidance of people it reveals his bright side that can do work well for the development of humanity. The person can use his knowledge and wisdom for the progress and guidance of his society.

Jangal Ma Aag Roshan Karna

Reduction of Burning Fire
If someone sees an abrupt reduction in burning of fire is a sign of great concern. It is clearly directed towards the matter that will bring physical and economical problems for him. They will drag the person onto deathbed and ultimately become the cause of his death.

Roshan Aag Ka Kam Ho Jana

Take Fire From One's Home
If a person takes fire from one's home in a dream is not a good omen. It shows that if the person takes monetary profit by any dealing, it will be unlawful in nature and can prove to be fatal for him.

Hamsaye K Ghr Sa Layna

To See The Fire's Light
To see the fire's light in dream and used that light for illuminating the path is purposeful and a sign of good omen. This omen can be good for the worldly deeds as well as the religious point of view. If the person involves in materialistic interest then he will gain materialistic benefits. On contrary if person is interested in spiritual interest he will attain spiritual vision that will help in his soul development.

Aag Ki Roshini Dakhna

To See Shining Ember of Firet
If one sees shinning embers of light in dream it is a great sign of change and revival. But this change is highly related with the matters of country that will take place any time for its progress and development.

Aag Ka Chamakta Howa Angara Daikhna

To Witness an Amber Illuminating a House
If someone observes that his house is illuminating due to burning coal in his dream is a positive sign of his luck. It shows that he will experience progress and development in his life. Owing to his development his wealth will be redoubled.

Ghar Ko Munawar Karta Howa Angara Daikhna

Extinguish The Burning Coal
Usually burning coal is a sign of contentment and prosperity. Although if the person tries to extinguish the burning coal in dream is a sign of resentment and poverty. It ensures that person will embroil in family issue that will be the great cause of resentment for him.

Angary Ko Bujhana

To Go Inside The Burning Fire
If a person goes inside the burning fire in dream it reveals that in reality, a person will be successful to take benefits from any one easily without any facing serious difficulty. Whether it is economical or social benefits.

Roshan Aag K Ander Chaly Jana

Worship The Fire
To see himself as a worshipper of fire in a dream determines this act very unpleasant from religious point of view. There is the highest possibility that the person will use religion as a tool for the accumulation of wealth that will be considered as a great sin in any religion.

Aag Ka Pujhna

Fire Lamp
In a dream language fire lamp is a symbolical meaning of women that is very obedient and submissive in nature. If a person sees fire lamp in his dream it means that the women he encounters in his life will be proved good and faithful wife for him.

Aag Ki Angithi Daikhna


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