Aftab Jo Roshan Dakhna

To see a shining sun in the dream
When someone sees a shining sun in the dream, it means he will gain a higher status in his life, he will go to a great country, and he will have his provisions of life in excess amount.

Aftab Ko Roshan Dakhna

Other Related Khawab ki Tabeer

To see rainbow on sky
When someone sees rainbow on sky and it is of green color, it is sign of peace. Yellow color is a sign of illness and the red color reflects the murders and blood. Some has explained the red color as getting married.

Aasman Sey Qos O Qaza Dekhna

To eat fire
When someone sees himself eating fire in the dream, it is a clear reflection that he will take unlawful means in the life for his livelihood. It is also a reflection that there will be many difficulties in the life of that person. Many sages of dream interpreters have given a similar explanation of a dream in which someone lifts fire in his hands.

Aag Ka Khana

To drink "Aab-e-ZamZam"
One seeing himself drinking Aab-e-ZamZam in the dream is a sign on heavenly blessings and is clearly a good sign. It is usually related to the achievement of wisdom and great insight into worldly and spiritual knowledge. ZamZam is the holy water for Muslims around the world and seeing one's self drinking this water represents blessings from super-intellectual sources.

Aabe Zam Zam Khawab Main peena

To put a ring
The person will suffer the pain of separateness of a woman if he sees that he is putting a ring in the finger in his dreams.

Anghooti Ka Baich Dalna

To see a cloth burning from fire
If someone sees a cloth that is burning from fire, it reflects the loss of eyes.

Aag Sey Kapray Jaltay Daikhna


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