Aaena Daikhna

To see a mirror
When someone sees a mirror in his dreams, it represents that he will find good means for religious beliefs and his life. If the woman is pregnant, it means that she will give birth to a boy. If the woman sees herself in the mirror, it reflects that she will give birth to a female baby.

Aaena Dekhna

Other Related Khawab ki Tabeer

To see or eat cardamom
When you see yourself eating a cardamom, it means that the person will be appreciated and all the hurdles in his noble deeds will be finished. It also reflects that he will find or receive wealth. He will always speak noble words and develop good habits in his personality.

Ilaichi Daikhna

To eat fig
When you see eating fig in your dreams, it means that you will receive wealth but it will increase your greed for more and more. The fig is a sweet fruit but when you see yourself eating it in the dreams, it reflects the hunger for more wealth.

Injeer Ka Khana

To eat a sweet pomegranate
When you see yourself eating a sweet pomegranate, it is a sign of getting wealth. Instead, every sweet fruit is an explanation of the happiness in the world. Every person enjoys the sweet fruits and if he sees himself eating them in the dreams, it is a good sign for him.

Anar Shereen Khana

Abr Aasman Par Dekhna

To go on the way calling azaaan
When you see yourself going somewhere calling azaan, it is an evidence of hajj. The hajj is the most merciful activity and every person should pray to God for this blessing. Thus, the call of azaan reflects that the person will be blessed with this noble activity.

Aazan Rastay Main Kehtay Jana


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