Aab Daikhna - Khawab Main Paani Daikhna

To see water in dreams is considered fortune from many aspects. Thus, we are providing descriptions of water under one head so that the dreamer not needs to be anxious about his dreams. Allah says in Quran, I have made everything from water. Therefore, the following are the descriptions of dreams related to the water. When someone sees himself walking on the water is a sign of fortune. If he sees that he is going smoothly on the water of a river or sea with no worries, this is the best explanation of the strong belief and generosity. If he sees that he has drunk enough clean water in dream, it is the sign of long life and comfort in life and vice versa. To drink hot water is a sign of grieves and illness. If he sees that someone has given him hot water to drink, it reflects that he is going to be hurt from that person. If he has fallen down into the hot water, it is also a sign of sickness. If he has drunk that water in some bowl, it also reflects the illness depending on the amount of water. If he sees that he is taking water in some clean and neat bowl, it is a sign of wealth in world. If he sees that, he gave water to his wife in a glass bowl and water fell down and the bowl remained safe, that means he will lose his baby. If bowl broke down, it reflects the death of his wife. If he sees that he is giving water to other people without any reward, it means that he will work for the welfare of the society and if vice versa, it means he will keep rude behavior with the people. If he sees that he entered someone's house where he drops some water and if all the water is absorbed, it is a good sign and if vice versa, it is a bad sign. If he sees that he has drunk water like bending on his knees or like a dog, it means he will gain prosperity but he will get the of material of other people by force and put himself in trouble by involving in some fight or any illegal matter. If sees that it has rained on time and all the water has absorbed in earth, it is a fortune. If sees that it rained too much and the water level is going above the heads of the people, it is a sign that there will be a good crop as Allah said; "We sent down showers of rain in plentiful measures" If he sees that the water in his house is pure, than it is fortune. As the water gets impure, the situation gets reverser. If he sees that he has drunk water from fields and gardens, river or streams, it is a sign of easiness in matters, freeness from grievances and fortunes in the world. If he sees water coming towards his house or garden, it is a sign for the bachelors to get married and prosperity for the poor. If he sees that the clean water is showering on him from the sky, it reflects the increase in his values and respects. If it is seen that he has fallen down the clean water, it is a sign of any loss. If he sees that he entered into some mud or dirty water, it is a sign of damage of goodwill. If sees that some dirty water goes out from his house, there will be easiness in any matter of the house. If sees that someone is stealing clean water from his house, that means he will got hurt from his wife or daughter and reflects her relations with strangers.

Aabb (Paani) Daikhna Khawab Main

Other Related Khawab ki Tabeer

Anday Khana

To see a fig
When someone sees fig in the dream, it means that the person will get wealth. Fig is a sweet fruit and if you see it in the dream, it is a sign of happiness and prosperity instead this is the same explanation for all the sweet fruits if you see them in the dream.

Anjeer Dekhna

To see emerging in the sky
It is a sign of coming epidemic or to see constant raining is an argument of mercy from Allah. If someone sees the flashlights along with the rain, it means debts will be paid off, prisoner will get freedom and the patient will recover from the illness.

Abr Aasman Par Dekhna

To see an owl
When you see an owl in your dreams, it explains your suffering from a loss of wealth. Owl is not considered good according to the religious traditions in our country. When someone sees it in the dream, it is not a good sign.

Khawab Main Ullo Daikhnay Ki Tabeer

To call azaan on any other time
When someone sees himself calling azaan on the time when it is not necessary, it means that he will get involved in the cruel deeds of a bad man or he will be blamed with for a sin that he has not done. The time of azaan will determine the right explanation.

Aazan Bewaqt Kehna


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