Aab e Houz Khawab Mein Dekhna

Water reservoirs
Water reservoirs is a sign of knowledge and intellectual as the old people said that if a man has drunk water from the water reservoirs, the amount of water would increase his knowledge. If he has seen that someone has made him the owner of a water reservoirs, the size of water reservoirs would determine the success in getting the knowledge and wisdom. If he sees that he has taken a bath from the water reservoirs, he will be blessed with repentance. If he sees that he has drunk all the water of the water reservoirs, it is a sign of his long age and blessings in his wealth and children i.e. his children will respect him. If he sees that there is a decrease in the water of reservoirs, he will gain nothing from his knowledge. If he sees that the water is coming from anywhere in the reservoirs, it is a sign of progress and wealth in his knowledge. If he sees that the reservoirs is accidently dried, it is an evidence of loss of wealth and health and this is the same explanation of the dirty water of the reservoirs.

Aab e Houz Khawab Mein Dekhna

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To see the sky
When someone sees the sky in the dream, it is an indication of finding the wealth and prosperity. He will gain a high social status and will grow, materially, socially. If the person sees himself moving towards the sky, it means that Allah will bless him. It is also a sign of having a just and a kind ruler or the king in the country with growth in the people, business and social values across the country.

Aasman Ko Daikhna

To see Honey or Oil Vinegar from Sky or similar things
When someone sees such kind of things, these are the signs of good fortune.

Aasman Sey Shehud Ya Sirka Dekhna

To call azaan on any other time
When someone sees himself calling azaan on the time when it is not necessary, it means that he will get involved in the cruel deeds of a bad man or he will be blamed with for a sin that he has not done. The time of azaan will determine the right explanation.

Aazan Bewaqt Kehna

To see clouds
When someone sees, clouds in the dream that means it will cause the increase in the virtues or progress of his religious beliefs.

Abdaal Dekhna


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