Khwab Mein Dozakh Se Bahar Nikalna

خواب میں دوزخ سے باہرنکلنا یا دیکھنا

To Come Out of Hell in Dream

Coming out of hell indicates you'll experience a great deal of suffering, but you'll be out of pain soon. Then you will naturally gravitate towards goodness and noble tendencies when you were engaged in negative habits. Your dream might also mean that you have missed some responsibilities that you will soon do with great pleasure...

Dozakh Se Bahir Niklna

There is a list of interpretations for different dreams and you can view them too. This interpretation will give you a better understanding of your career and personality traits based on your dreams. When you see in a dream that you are coming out of hell, it is evidence that the person will lead a life with liability and holiness. This dream is also interpreted as the person will come back from a journey. If the person sees that he is inside the hell, it means that he will ask for forgiveness to Allah and he will go on a journey.

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