Khwab Mein Jahanum Ka Azab Dekhna

خواب میں دوزخ کے رنج وبلامیں مبتلا دیکھنا

To See Punishment of Hell in Dream and Its Interpretation

Indulging in the pains and sorrows of hell is not a dream you'll want to wake from. These interpretations are not well suited for the dreamer, according to Islam. In order to be a good person and a pious dreamer, the dreamer must achieve this. An individual's behavior and dream intensity can also be affected...

Dozakh Kay Ranj O Bala Mian Dikhna

If you have bad dreams, it could be because you have a bad outlook on life. When you are polite and well-mannered, you will be able to make people around you more relaxed and more likely to experience good dreams. Observe the Islamic teachings carefully and live a financially prosperous life.

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