Khwab Mein Doshala Dekhne Ki Tabeer

خواب میں دوشالا دیکھنا یا پانا

To See Veil or Hijab in Dream

It is a good sign to see a girl wearing a veil or hijab. In Islamic interpretations, those who see themselves without hijab or veil will lose their spouse and if they have not yet married, they will never get married. If the girls see they don't cover their heads, it will be good for their marriage prospects. Please visit our page as we have updated

Khwab Mein Hijab Dekhna

our list with well-researched and new information about the meanings of your dreams. Dreams can tell you a lot about yourself, and you should know them so you could determine what is best and bad for the next event in your life. When someone sees veils and hijab in the dream, it means that he will marry a rich woman. Such dream is also interpreted as the person will meet a rich person with honor and grace.

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