Khwab Mein Haram Janwar Ka Doodh Peena

خواب میں دودھ ان جانوروں کا پیناجن کا کھانا حلال

To Drink Milk of A Haram Animal in Dream

The dream of seeing milk symbolizes prosperity and luck. This dream is considered good in Islamic teachings. Likewise, this dream is a lucky one, and a fortunate one for the believers. You will have the honor, the respect, the progress, and the advancement in your field no matter what. Be assured that Allah...

Dodh Un Janwaro Ka Pina Jo Halal Hai

will keep you prosperous both here and in the hereafter. Allah knows everything, so when he becomes happy, he grants whatever his family and friends desire. In a very few days, your wishes will come true. Keep up the good work you are doing now and never forget to call Allah Almighty no matter what. When someone sees in the dream, that he or she has drunk the milk of animals that are strictly forbidden in Islam, it means that the person is going to find his livelihood. And unlike this interpretation, it is stated that the person is going to be involved in some troubles.

(د) سے شروع ہونے والے تمام خواب


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