Khwab Mein Dewar Se Gir Jana Ki Tabeer

خواب میں دیوار سے گر ُپڑنا

To See Yourself Fall From The Wall in Dream

You don't want to see yourself fall off a wall. If you see that a bone in your body is broken, it means that you will be losing someone or your relationship will end. It may also be the result of a break in your knowledge or a lack of education to improve yourself. As well as creating a life-affirming wall. Having the illness could also be caused...

Dewar Se Gir Parna

by falling from a wall. In any case, never lose faith in Allah Almighty as he said that none of his believers, friends, or followers will ever be disappointed. Right here on this website, you will find further explanations of your dreams. If a person has a dream, where he is climbing over a wall and suddenly falls down, it means that he will fall down from his current position. The person will be humiliated and dishonored in his life according to the explanation of such a dream.

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